AL-OU50-2000 Series

AL-OU50-2000 Series High Speed Convection Oven

The High Speed Convection Oven is designed for heating pre-cooked, chilled in-flight meals onboard all class galleys and corporate jet environments.

  • Available in two principle variants of either 32 or 48 meal, with a re-heat time of approximately 25-30 minutes.
  • A high-speed fan ensures an even heat distribution within the oven cavity.
  • The standard 32 and 48 meal ovens are manufactured to ATLAS standard dimensions for easy installation and removal from the galley.
  • The outer body is made from a lightweight aluminium alloy; the inner liner is of polished stainless steel for strength and ease of cleaning.
  • The oven has excellent performance, durability and low maintenance.
  • Full Brochure (PDF)

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