AL-RF65-520-7 Series

AL-RF65-520-7 Series Refrigerator / Freezer

The Refrigerator / Freezer is a self-contained unit consisting of refrigerated storage section and ice storage compartment.

  • Air circulated combination refrigerator.
  • The unit outer body is made from a lightweight aluminium alloy; the inner liner is of polished stainless steel for strength and ease of cleaning.
  • The refrigeration section can be configured to hold 10 basket type containers.
  • Either left or right hand opening door.
  • The door décor trim can be provided to the customer’s choice.
  • Ice container capacity is 5 kilos, 0.009 cu.m (0.34 cu. ft) of prepared ice; refrigerated storage section with capacity of 0.09 cu. m (3 cu. ft).
  • Full Brochure (PDF)

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